Safety is our main concern, Denali maintenance team performs complete system renovation, repair, and maintenance for all fire protection and fire detection systems such as:
  • All types of fire extinguishers.

  • Water spray systems.

  • Stand pipe systems. Fire

  • hose reels and hydrants.

  • Automatic fire sprinklers systems (wet, dry, deluge & pre-action)
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

  • Fire fighting pumps.

  • anual & automatic foam systems.

  • Seamless, ERW & HDPE pipes.

  • Fire suppression systems by clean gasagents: FM-200, NOVEC, Inert, Aerosol, CO₂.
  • Kitchen hoods wet chemical extinguishing systems.

  • Conventional & addressable fire alarm systems

  • Voice evacuation systems

  • Aspirating air sampling systems.

  • Exit & emergency lightings.


I. Designing, hydraulic calculation & drawings :

Our engineering team provides a full range of design and engineering services extending from simple product advice right through to detailed system design, including hydraulic flow calculations, design and engineering drawings a. We can provide solutions for practically any fire or special hazard.

II. Risk assessment

Fire and Security Risk Assessment – to assist owners of properties and managers of organisations to meet international good practice standards and to comply with the requirements of the jurisdiction in which they operate.

Building Performance Assessment – to identify the adequacy of premises against the spread of fire

Business Protection and Continuity – to assist in identifying the impact of fire incidents on the ability of businesses and organisations to continue their activities in such circumstances.


Fire Safety and Security Planning – to prepare for dealing with emergencies and review or develop fire safety provisions to deal with a fire emergency.



Fire Safety Audit is an Audit under which we make a detailed survey of your premises to identify various fire hazards and adequacy of existing Fire Protecting System. A report will be given appraising the existing Fire Fighting System and its maintenance. Recommendations of additional firefighting system, if necessary, will also be made.

Testing & Compliance:

When was the last time you had the fire protection system in your commercial building tested? With all your responsibilities as a business owner or building manager, it’s easy to neglect fire safety tests. However, regular system testing is vital for adequate fire protection. Here are all the ways you benefit from having a professional test each component of your fire protection system.

Reduce the chance of property damage


 Save lives.


Pass local fire department inspections.


Remain codes compliant


Our installation team is highly qualified and trained on each system we install. We install fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, fire rated doors, stand pipe systems and passive fire protection material . We work hard to schedule and coordinate with other members on site to minimize downtime and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Integrity test

your gas suppression system will only work effectively if the room containing your IT or electronic equipment has only limited leakage. If the room leaks, the fire suppression agent will escape before the fire is effectively controlled. With any gas fire suppression system – such as Inergen, Novec or FM200 – the room must be sufficiently air tight to hold these gases at the designed concentration while they suppress the fire. Building joints and cable penetrations move over time introducing leak points that may not be noticed during normal building inspections. Our Room Integrity Testing calculates the leak tightness of a room. It predicts how long the extinguishing agent will remain at the correct concentration to effectively suppress the fire. Testing is quick and unintrusive. Room Integrity Testing can be organised at a time that will not disrupt your normal operations. It is an essential, yet simple, component of your fire protection regime.



We provide Fire Safety training courses demonstrations on how to identify and use various types of fire extinguishers for optimum performance of both equipment and personnel, essentially in order to be able to extinguish a fire during its initial stage before it becomes a major conflagration.

Specially designed to meet client’s operational needs, with a flexible time table. Our courses can take from 2 to 3-hour sessions or up to 15 hours over 2 days
Using various types of fire extinguishers, hose reels and stand pipe systems.
Operation of fire fighting pumps.
Operation of fire suppression systems.
Operation of fire detection systems.

Construction Health & Safety Consulting

Construction sites include a large number of hazards for workers and those nearby. Safety management at Denali helps to oversee the daily activities that take place around construction projects both large and small.

Our experts deliver daily safety meetings, conduct audits of programs and activities and interface with construction managers and sub-contractors.

The main goal of Denali’s construction safety programs is to reduce the number of injuries that occur on a site. Construction projects take on a variety of forms, and some workers put their lives at risk to complete a given task.

Our construction safety consultants implement the following concepts within each of our services to help keep workers safe:


Management commitment: We work with construction professionals to establish policies for better health and safety practices. We educate managers and encourage them to set the standard for their employees.

Assessment processes: Our team helps your company recognize hazards. We provide in-house staff to monitor projects, investigate incidents and inspect equipment.

Safety procedures: We cater programs to your construction projects. We want your team of employees to recognize and apply proper techniques and guidelines for completing a job.

Passive fire protection material

Passive measures provide protection by their existence although they are largely unseen. However, they are vital to the stability and integrity of a building or structure when attacked by fire. They serve the purpose to separate the building into areas of manageable risk, to restrict the growth and spread of fire and protect structural elements from fire to prevent their early collapse. This allows time for the occupants to escape and provides a degree of protection for fire fighters. Denali has installers of fire stopping systems used in fire rated walls and floors with integrity and insulation.